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Tech Talk Media is leading the way for factual edutainment!

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With our unique structure & mission, amazing strategic partners, innovative new projects & channels of connectivity + access to hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide, our ecosystem is highly impactful & changing the lives of many.

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original productions

TTM specializes in original productions featuring new incredible individuals, emerging innovation and futuristic technologies.
Below are some of our current titles:

our incredible team

The secret sauce behind any great business...is always in the power of its people!

Ronald Hans Co-Founder Tech Talk Media LLC

Ronald R. Hans

CCO, Co-Founder & Associate Producer

The pioneer of the TTM concept, Ronald is the visionary who Co-founded TTM with JC, he also serves as Chief Commercial Officer to oversee our Global Sales, Distribution & Partnership Teams.

Jessica Katz Tech Talk Media LLC

Jessy Katz

Associate Producer & 'TechTalk' Co-Host

We're honoured to have the amazing Jessy Katz as part of our all-star team! JK is a creative genius, and an insanely talented human being. She Sings, Dances, Acts + Comedy, as well as being a rising female entrepreneur & entertainment professional, and a technology & food enthusiast.

Jonny Caplan CEO, Executive Producer & Co-Founder Tech Talk Media LLC

Jonny Caplan

CEO, Co-Founder & Executive Producer

JC is the driving force and energy behind TTM. As CEO, Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Writer, Director & Host/Narrator, he plays our lead role. We believe that he may even to be part-robot for his multitude of talents & lack of sleep!

Sappir Zuzan Tech Talk Media LLC

Sappir Zuzan

Production Assistant & Research Director

Sappir heads our worldwide Reseach & Development teams, providing vital data for production and business development, reporting directly to Research Committee, and the CEO & CCO. Sappir also manages our Los Angeles Office.

Jason Zucker Tech Talk Media LLC

Jason Zucker

Director of Photography & Editor

As Director of Photography, Jason is always keeping on location and all of our scenes and shots are beautiful and ahead of the game, ensuring that his creative influence carries through all the way to post-production.

Olga Senatov Tech Talk Media LLC

Olga Senatov

Post-Production Lead EMEA

Olga heads our European post-production teams working on the final produciton stages of TTM original content. Originally from Russia, Olga boasts a vast range of creative and post produciton skills. We simply call her "Champ"!

Juliette Matchton Tech Talk Media LLC

juliette matchton

Production Assistant & business development associate

Juliette runs our outbound account management & business development, she known to be armed with huge passion, drive and enthusiam, which is why she's responsible for liasing with production & broadcast partners worldwide from our NY office.

Juliette Matchton Tech Talk Media LLC

Ilana Young

Directors Assistant & business development associate

Ilana is responsible for account management & business development. Originally from New York and known for her incredible math skills and charming manner, Ilana also manages our worldwide industry & live events.

what our viewers say

Its important to us to inspire, educate, encourage, motivate and connect people across the globe!


Jon B.

Amazon Prime Viewer

This is a great new show that features some amazingly innovative companies! I can't wait to see what the Tech Talk team comes up with next. Jonny Caplan is a compelling host, who clearly knows about the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. This show is not to be missed!



Amazon Prime Viewer

Quick Great Tech Stories. Tech Talk is amazing! It takes about 30 seconds to get engaged and see if you have interest in the episode. So far, my attention was won over each time. This is awesome/ interesting content that is well worth your time to watch.



Amazon Prime Viewer

Must Watch! Forward thinking and Innovative. If you’re into technology, innovation and startups you will enjoy this show. Amazing production. We need more purposeful material like this on TV.


Laura Houchin

Amazon Prime Viewer

Inspiring! If you are in the tech world and especially an entrepreneur, this series will inspire you. It provides great insight to tech that you may not be aware of and that may validate the space you are looking at.


Bob M.

Amazon Prime Viewer

Very interesting and well done show! I am fascinated with technology and learning how businesses start up. This program covers this and a whole lot more. It is very interesting and well done! I am on episode three and I can’t wait to see the next one!


Rafe Peters

Amazon Prime Viewer

This show is amazing! I am an entrepreneur and I learned so much about what makes startup and tech companies succeed - was great to meet the CEO's and founders and to see them interact with the great hosts unrehearsed and open about the products and companies they run. Also fun to see the hosts both interact with each other too - great show: This is the Anthony Bourdain of Tech Startups - can't wait for future seasons.


John Driver

Amazon Prime Viewer

Cutting Edge Technology Show. I always like learning about what's the latest & greatest of cutting edge technology and this show is really informative!


Ricardo Yepez

Amazon Prime Viewer

Totally worth it information regarding cannabis technology and trends, amazing content full of education.


Henry Montanez

Amazon Prime Viewer

This show was awesome! Learned so much from an extremely smart person who was able to give great insight into products and companies. Hope there is another season because I can't get enough of this series.


M. Jindal

Amazon Prime Viewer

Great Series to Watch! Very informative and inspirational for entrepreneurs. Jonny Caplan did a fantastic job in identifying the need to have something like this. It will help new Israeli start-ups to find new partners and business opportunities. Next series can be from different countries/technology hubs like Bangalore, Singapore, Northern Ireland.



Amazon Prime Viewer

Cant wait for Season 2! This is a great new show that features some amazingly innovative companies! I can't wait to see what the Tech Talk team comes up with next. Jonny Caplan is a compelling host, who clearly knows about the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. This show is not to be missed!


Derral F.

Amazon Prime Viewer

TechTalk is one of the best technology documentaries I've seen. The executive producer, Jonny Caplan, did a masterful job briefly showcasing leading Israeli startup technologies along with a hint of the underpinning Israeli culture that makes this country a leader in startup technologies. Every episode sparks one's imagination to improve our world and people's lives with applied technology. It's also fun to catch a glimpse of our future world. Well done!

TTM Featured Guests

All of the amazing people & businesses featured on TTM productions are carefully selected in order to bring you engaging, relevant and impactful content.

TTM Productions feature a wide range of start-ups & companies, in particular in these areas: Technology, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Smart Mobility, Medical Tech, Fintech, Military Tech, Women Entrepreneurs, Young Entrepreneurs, Fashion Tech, Internet of Things, Social Media, Health & Wellness, Entertainment & Leisure, Cyber Security, Aeronautics & Space Technology, Agri Tech, Music Tech, Gaming, Food Tech, Augmented Reality, Imaging, Holograms, 3D Wearables, Cannabis, Digital Art & More

Our mission is find amazing people that are changing our planet for the better. Thanks to our expert R&D Team, we are able to identify and record emerging innovators and entrepreneurs across the globe who have that special entrepreneurial spark and spirit, and have proved themselves to some level. We also highlight Female, Minority, Under-Priveldged, Child & Social Impact Entrepreneurs.

As part of our journey to tell a story we often visit schools, colleges & universities, engineers & scientists, government ministers & institutions, major brands, medical facilities & experts, sports arenas & personalities, celebrities and others. The integrity of our information is paramount and we strive to bring leading guests to all TTM productions.

Guest Selection Process
All of the amazing guests & businesses featured on TTM productions are carefully selected after thorough research & due diligence by our internal Production Committee. TTM follows a careful 20 point selection process and paid inclusion is strictly forbidden.
How To Be Featured
In order to be considered to be featured, you can submit the form below and our Research Team will consider you for inclusion on TTM productions.
Connnect with Guests
In order to find out more information on featured guests in any of TTM productions, please visit: TechTalk Startups TTM regularly holds live events, talks, alumni meets and other connectivity events across the world. Get in contact with our Events team below for further info, or to connect with us.

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