Jonny Caplan

JC is our secret weapon, aptly nicknamed...‘The Company Robot'. Aside from his vast track history in developing successful technology & media based ventures, Jonny is a multi-talented, uniquely creative & skilled individual, which is why we believe he may not actually be human!

JC is CEO, Co-founder, Executive Producer, Writer, Director, and on screen host/talent. (and he can do all that whilst blindfolded & juggling 4 raw eggs :p)

CEO & Co-Founder

Locations: London / New York / Los Angeles

Nickname: ‘JC’ or ‘The Company Robot’

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Ronald R. Hans

Chief Numero, Ronaldhino can count the sheep you’re counting in your sleep! Yes, we call him ‘Rainman’ for two reasons. 1) because Ron can actually add up numbers your calculator doesn't even understand, and... 2) because when Ron’s involved, its gonna start raining!

As Co-Founder & CCO Ronald brings a wealth of experience and network, and heads up our sales & partnership teams. He ensures its always raining in!

Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder

Locations: New York / Los Angeles

Nickname: ‘Rainman’ or ‘Ronaldhino’

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Jessy Katz

We are proud and honoured to have the amazing Jessy Katz as part of our all-star team! jessy is a creative genius, and an insanely multi-talented human being.

Not only can she sing, dance, rap, and do improv comedy, but jessy is a rising female entrepreneur and media & entertainment professional, and a technology & food enthusiast, amongst so much JK has a smile that could tame the wild man of Borneo! :)

Associate Producer / Co-host

locations: New York / Tel Aviv / Los Angeles

Nickname: ‘JK’ or ‘JessyKat’

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Shani Hobashi

Shani is the head honcho when it comes to production, we call her ‘the viking’, as she grew up in norway and wherever she goes, whatever she does...she conquers!

shani manages our worldwide production crews, interaction with featured guests, international shooting locations and much more. with deepest thanks to our viking girl Shani...she helps the real magic to happen!

Snr. Production Manager

locations: New York / Tel Aviv / Los Angeles

Nickname: ‘’Shaneney‘ or ‘The Viking’

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Yamit Rosenbach

Our creative genius, with a unique and culturally mixed israeli-danish heritage, yamit is our sharpshooter when it comes to editing & post production.

with an off the charts IQ and an vastly astute understanding for business & technology, yamit adds a niche edge to TTM projects, and a wealth of creativity.

Snr. Post Production Editor

locations: New York / London / Los Angeles

Nickname: ‘’Yami‘

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Sappir Zuzan

Sappir is our Californian Gem, she heads up our worldwide R&D teams, and also works closely with Sales & Business Development during her day to day activities. Reporting directly to the CEO & CCO, sappir plays a vital role in the key management.

Nicknamed ‘The Gatekeeper’ Sappir is our Superstar, and is known for ensuring that things get done on time and according to schedule.

Executive Assistant & Head of R&D

Locations: New York / Los Angeles

Nickname: ‘’Superstar‘ or ‘The Gatekeeper’

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Cliff Hammer

London born company heart-throb Clifton ,boasts over 18,000 light years in experience. Cliff has literally worked on huge number of highly successful British TV show, ranging from come dine with me, to pier morgans life stories, to shipwrecked, and a host of business, science, lifestyle, drama titles, amonst other genres.

cliff is a diamond geezer, and one of our senior and rockstar editors, a huge Ramones fan, and a rising musician!

Snr. Post Production Editor

locations: New York / Tel Aviv / Los Angeles

Nickname: ‘’Clifton‘ or ‘Johnny Ramone’

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Abbie Stern

The Queen of Social Media, if it happens online, Abbie knows it faster than Mark Zuckerberg!

Heading up our Digital Marketing Team, Abbie ensures our brands are always present, and we saturate all of our titles, content & events across the internet and worldwide.

Abbie is another super-talented British born member of the team

Marketing Manager

locations: New York / London

Nickname: ‘’Abs‘ or ‘The Queen of Social’

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